This is a class list only, this is not an order of go!

entry #horse / ownerrider
126Beaverwoods Morning Dove
Kirsten Brunner
Tristan Bharti
130Hey There Delilah
Anna Milburn
Sarah Adams
136Touch of Gold
Amy Aspin
Isabelle Cass
158Forty Winks
Christine Matyas
Natalie Matyas
Sorensen Stables
Mirella Carnovale
245Foxfire Lacey
Victoria Watson
Victoria Watson
413Wray Acres Amythest
Kenzie Black
Beatrice Sutcliffe
440Divinely Quizzical Diva
Sheila Davies
Zoey Dudka
478All Tuckered Out
John Skey
Cara Godwin
482Canterbrook's Danny Boy
Kate Lane
Ava Apostolopoulos
611Beaverwoods Hollyhock
Kirsten Brunner
Emma Robinson